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Everyone should constantly check message board. Its important there and always updated.

There are some rules that you MUST follow to be part of the clan. These rules are not able to be bent in any way, and must be followed. If someone breaks a rule, report it to: and we will decide if a crime was commited,and if there was, then how it should be punished. So, here they are:

1. NO HACKS. You are not allowed to have ANY hacks no matter what. Bnet is screwed enough without hacks making it worse.

3. You must stay current with the clan, if you want to stay in the clan. We will always check for inactivity. To prove you are active, you must post/reply to messages on the public message board. To get to the private board, a password will be provided for all higher ranked, trusted, members.

4. We are all based on the USEast server and we expect that everyone is also.

5. We will have meetings about once every 2 weeks, these dates will be posted on the public message board, but if there is extra private information, a notice will be placed on the public board to notify you to check the private board. These meetings are mandatory! and if you will not be able to make it to a meeting, you must notify (The meetings are in the clan channel)

6. Bots- Bots are permitted in the clan channel, as long as they follow a few regulationos. First, leaders must have the highest ranking on the bots. Strangers are allowed to be in the clan channel, and you may NOT boot or ban them without provocation. You are never allowed to boot or ban a clan member.

These are all the rules I can think of to this date, however, if needed, we will revise the rules. Whenever we revise them, we'll post a message on the main page.