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Everyone should constantly check message board. Its important there and always updated.
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To join, fill out this form, and you should recieve E-mail confirmation of either your acceptance or declination, and a reason, personally sent to you by one of the clan leaders. The subject will be Clan GoD Information. As this is personally filled out, be pacient, don't expect immediate responce, it could take 0-144 hours for a responce. Thank you, and good luck on getting in.

XXXXXXXX For the moment we are happy with our members, so we may not accept you... YOU WILL GET A EMAIL SAYING EITHER YES OR NO otherwise it just means that i havent gotten to it yet... XXXXXX


Account name:

What instant messenger do you have?

AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo messenger sn:

E-mail address: (MAKE SURE IT'S CORRECT)

Did someone refer you to the clan? If so, list their account name here

In a few sentences describe why you would be a good addition to clan GoD.

Hhow did you hear about Clan {GoD}?

Yes, I have read the rules page and agree with all the terms and conditions. (If you don't check this box, you will not be allowed in.)

Yes, I would like to get information pertaining to, and only pertaining to the clan. (This will only be major notifications, and will not be either given to anyone else, or be used often)