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Everyone should constantly check message board. Its important there and always updated.

Welcome to the Guardians of Darkness, or more simplistically put, Clan {GoD}. This clan was created in June 2001, and was built around Diablo II. We have now expanded to War3(when it comes out) and are now only recruiting members who are going to buy the game and play it regularly. We only require that you regurally check the website and message board. We will timely constitute email checks to make sure you are still active in the clan. Feel free to explore our site, and JOIN! ( [ Clan {GoD} ] )

News [ Last updated on: Saturday, February 9, 2002 ]

Tuesday, February 26- Napinator

Me and guido hav gotten into a starcraft frenzy and we are turjing this clan into a starcraft clan for a lil bit until wc3 comes out we have friends from school to start it with.

Saturday, February 16- Napinator

Chubbs (casey_martino, casey_martino2, casey_martino3) is offically a enemy of mine and guido's and clan god. He has been using mine and guido's gamer's account and gettin us into trouble. We know this thanks to zdark for seeing the simalir ip adress from the false posts of guido that were made by cvhubbs to his previous messages.

Friday, February 15- Napinator

Whatever that poll turns out to be i never edited a msg of zdark. Yesterday i was in trouble and today i saw the edit date and time it was today at 1:30 how could i do that when our school has all chat filters. What ever u guys think thats my fight saing that i didn't do it. BTW i chanegd my pass so maybe this won't happen.

Sunday, February 10- Napinator

Me and guido have decided that we need new rankings for warcraft. We are open for suggestions u can either post on the msg board or email me or guido what u think would make a good rank name.

Saturday, February 9- Napinator

Hey guys im your new wc3 leader along with guido.

Saturday, February 9- DarkMasta

The site will be changed to a war3 clan starting from today!