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Here is the history about Clan {GoD}........

Clan {GoD} was created in June 2001, in responce to the disbanding of clan -TS-. This clan was made for Diablo II Expansion. Andy and Nate were leaders and Whitebear was the vice leader. Andy then lost interest of the game and quit. Nate was in need of another co leader so he decided to make the vice leader, whitebear, to be his partner. And since they didn't have a vice anymore, they decided to put Jarosipha as the vice. Then...... eventually, nate quit, so whitebear was by himself. He then chose Darkmasta to be his partner because they were friends and Darkmasta was in the clan for awhile and he didn't choose jaro because he didn't know how to update the website. But things started to change from then, some people that were important to GoD quit because the game lost interest, and one of the person that quit, was jarosipha. Clan GoD decided to kick whitebear out, and he was indeed kicked out. So then Darkmasta was looking for a partner, and he chose Holy Wander. But even more people quit because the game lost interest and even the leaders stopped playing. So they decided to make the clan expand to War3, but there was a problem, Holy and Darkmasta wanted to play shadowbane instead of War3, so they hired Napinator and Guido to be the leaders of this clan.